About HarborActive

Rachel Smolinski Marcie Wolf

Rachel Smolinski and Marcie Wolf, Collaborators

Mission & Purpose

Hands-on Learning & Training

HarborActive is helping Northern Michigan communities embrace the use of technology by providing the tools necessary to cross the digital divide.

HarborActive training seminars bring digital literacy content to the communities of Harbor Springs and Petoskey, Michigan through interactive training designed for businesses, seniors, parents, and residents in need of assistance to fully utilize the advantages of broadband connectivity and the Internet.

Personal one-on-one sessions are available every other Friday of each month.

HarborActive Seminars

Get Digitally Fit!

HarborActive training seminars are for Northern Michigan professionals, seniors, and parents who desire a more personal and interactive learning experience. Area experts present face-to-face education and hands-on solutions to the most pressing issues.

HarborActive classes and seminars are between 60 and 90 minutes in length and personal training sessions are one hour. All training is held at The Loft Coworking Space on Main Street in downtown Harbor Springs.

HarborActive Classes Wine Web

Wine & Web Class at Stafford’s Pier Restaurant

The HarborActive Approach

Hands-On Learning Experience

It’s simple. We want to help you learn better and faster on your own device or laptop, and we want you to feel comfortable asking questions as we go along.

Effectiveness of One-On-One

If your needs are specific and you prefer one-on-one tutoring, we will match you up with an expert to help you navigate your software.

New Smaller Classes

We will be offering smaller class sizes at The Loft where we can provide a better, more personal learning experience.

HarborActive Computer Training